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West Austin Area Homebuying by Age Group

Pat Guseman, Ph.D. and CEO, Population and Survey Analysts To estimate future students moving into any school district, it is helpful to understand the differential growth of the millennials versus those in the child-rearing stages of the life cycle -- and also versus the baby boomers. The latter are getting much attention in the Austin [...]

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Highest Growth School Districts in the Houston Area

Pat Guseman, CEO, and Justin Silhavy, Director of Demographic Projections 2018 Growth Trends Since school districts have meaningful geographic boundaries that affect where residents choose to live, plotting growth trends in housing for these districts gives us insight into future relocations. The highest increases in housing starts for 2018 are shown below: 3,688 – Fort [...]

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Five vs. Ten Years as Ave. Homeownership-Millennials vs. Baby-Boomers as Long-Term Owners

Dr. Patricia Knight Guseman, CEO and Demographer, Population and Survey Analysts Who Are the New Homebuyers in Texas Suburban School Districts? Dr. Patricia Knight Guseman, CEO and Demographer, Population and Survey Analysts Obtaining Mortgages: Lower Housing Growth than in Booming Suburban Neighborhoods 10 Years Ago Since the Great Recession, there have been fewer relocations to [...]

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Texas Births Steadily Increasing Following Four Years of Decline

Justin Silhavy, Director of Demographic Projections Kindergarten Enrollment has been declining in Texas public schools since its peak in October 2013. The decline cannot be attributed to any one factor; however, a likely influence is the statewide birth decline spawned by the Great Recession—that first began in 2008 and continued through 2011. According to data [...]

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Population Estimates for 2016 Reveal Growth across Texas; Fulshear Ranks #1

Justin Silhavy, Director of Demographic Projections Fulshear, Texas is now the fastest growing city in the State according to the U.S. Census Bureau. From July 2015 to July 2016, Fulshear’s population grew by 35.3%, from 5,855 to 7,925 residents. The budding municipality 35 miles west of Downtown Houston had only 1,134 residents in 2010. Population [...]

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Accurate Estimates of Student Enrollment One Year Forward

Pat Guseman, Ph.D. While PASA specializes in projecting enrollment annually for ten years forward, the most valuable estimate is the projection of students for the following Fall—when funds are to be expended on each and every new teacher, and on the other costs associated with best utilizing each school during the coming year. While the [...]

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