Dr. Pat Guseman (University of Texas , Texas A&M University)
Pat Guseman, Ph.D., CEO of Population and Survey Analysts, whose career spans 35 years in population analyses. She has taught the graduate demography courses at Texas A&M University . In addition, Dr. Guseman has managed demographic updates for municipalities and for the Texas Department of Transportation. For the past 22 years, she has worked with school districts throughout the State of Texas , aiding districts with projections of housing and of population for small areal units in order to plan the siting and timing of new schools, and to plan attendance zones. These endeavors have required preparation of employment projections for local areas, and the evaluation of build-out of approximately 3,500 active subdivisions in over 30 districts per year.
Dr. Stacey Tepera (Texas A&M University, Baylor College of Medicine)
Stacey Tepera, Ph.D., President, began her career with Population and Survey Analysts in 1991 and has participated in many aspects of PASA's service to school districts. She is involved in all stages of data collection and analysis, especially for long-range facilities planning and attendance zone planning. Dr. Tepera also facilitates ongoing communication with District representatives by reporting research findings to school board members, administrators, bond and boundary committees, and for public forums. Her strong statistical background and precise attention to detail are important for the accuracy of the projects PASA delivers.
Kris Siegert Pool (Texas A&M, University of Texas)
Kris Pool is an attorney and Chief Data Analyst at Population and Survey Analysts whose principal responsibilities include attendance zone planning and long-range facilities analysis, as well as aggregation (or merging) of student data into geographic areas such as current and future attendance zones. Statistical and computer skills, a strong interest in accuracy and completeness, and exceptional interpersonal skills have also allowed Ms. Pool to effectively conduct numerous research tasks and to convey important research results to school board members, administrators, bond committees, and attendance zone boundary committees, as well as members of the public.
Jennifer Steen (Texas A&M University)
Jennifer Steen is the Geocoding Specialist for Population and Survey Analysts. Her principal responsibilities include management of the firm’s data collecting field technicians, as well as working with the firm’s geographic information systems (GIS software). She is also responsible for maintaining and updating computer-generated maps, collecting and analyzing demographic data, and gathering information used to project future growth. Ms. Steen’s 11 years of experience as a classroom teacher allow her insight into the various needs and challenges faced by school districts.
Grant Guseman (St. Edwards University)
Grant Guseman is a the CFO/Demographic Coordinator as well as the Field Analyst for Austin, Dallas, and Houston area school districts. He undertakes field reconnaissance to estimate the build-out per year of active subdivisions, and he also tallies a sample of occupied homes in every major subdivision in order to estimate the ratios of students per household. Also, Mr. Guseman estimates the number of available existing homes for sale for each major subdivision.
Genevieve Le (Sam Houston State University)
Ms. Le is a Data Analyst for PASA is responsible for contacting all apartment owners/managers in each school district and determining the number of students who reside in each apartment complex. In this way, PASA can determine the ratio of students per occupied apartment unit per complex and know how heavily oriented these complexes are to a school district’s students. Ms. Le also contacts all private school headmasters to determine the number of a public school district’s potential students are in private schools. This also allows in-depth knowledge of the plans among these private schools for expansion. She also contacts school districts to get pre-PEIMS student data, is in charge of making Red Maps, and in charge of website updates.
Justin Silhavy (Texas A&M University)
Justin Silhavy, M.U.P., Director of Demographic Projections for Population and Survey Analysts, is responsible for developing housing projections and forecasting population growth. Since joining the firm in 2003, he has contributed in many facets, ultimately increasing the knowledge and accuracy of school district enrollment projections. With a background in urban and regional planning, Mr. Silhavy approaches every project by interviewing elected officials, municipal planning departments, home builders, land developers, and other local organizations involved in housing and economic development.   
Travis Scott (Texas A&M University)
Travis Scott, M.U.P., is the GIS Coordinator for Population and Survey Analysts. His principal responsibilities include management of the firm's geographic information system (GIS). Mr. Scott is trained in the field of urban and regional planning, with knowledge of statistical analysis and trend extrapolation. His skills in mapping housing and demographic data and his training in state-of-the-art GIS techniques allow him to successfully provide outstanding mapping components and input into the demographic studies. His experience has greatly enhanced the readability and rigor of the data that PASA maps for school districts.
Ben Strickland (Texas State, Texas A&M University)
Ben Strickland is a GIS Analyst for Population and Survey Analysts. His combined training in both urban/ regional planning and geographic information systems (GIS) contribute to providing useful maps of up-to- date spatial information. Strong attention to detail ensures efficient analysis of mapping detail and consistency in mapping design structure. Knowledge of city planning procedure helps Mr. Strickland effectively produce useful spatial data that reflects accurate detail to help the rest of the PASA Demographics team produce the most accurate information to school districts.
Matthew Vatthauer (Stephen F. Austin State University)
Mr. Vatthauer is a GIS Aide/Research Analyst for PASA. He is responsible for gathering GIS data from various sources and aiding in compiling the data into usable formats for mapping purposes. His principal responsibilities include development of map data and compilation of various GIS layers for use in analysis of parcel ownership changes, in gathering and seeking out relevant GIS data, and in collection of economic data for various portions of the State.